Major Adnan Sami Makes us proud once again – The whole nation congratulating him.

  • Major Adnan Sami has served Pakistan with loyalty and has provided Indian Intel on several occasions; the nation stays worried about their major as he is working for Pakistan from India.
  • He’s seen throwing dirt at Pakistan but that is just a trick to cover up his actual identity while he works tirelessly for his Pakistan.
  • Major is recently remarked in Pakistan Index’s list of most dangerous spies in the world and Pakistanis are proud of him.
  • As soon as the list was up on the internet, Pakistanis went totally crazy and started congratulating their loyal soldiers.

It is a universal fact that a person living in a particular country remains loyal to it till the day he dies but there are some ungrateful people in the world who betray their own country and migrates to the enemy state to seek shelter.

There is only one such human in this world and yes we are talking about none other than Adnan Sami or it would be better to call him Major Adnan Sami.

Pakistanis are pretty aware of Major Adnan Sami’s furtive mission to spy on India while acting that he despises Pakistan.

We should appreciate Major Adnan Sami for being a fearless warrior who continues to serve his country despite being exposed a million times. He has been carrying out his job in tough situations and he got rewarded for it.

Major Adnan Sami assured Indians that all his loyalties lie with India!

Awesome work to make sure that his cover remains intact.

Recently, Adnan Sami ranked among the best spies in the whole world recently and thus, paying tribute to his impeccable services for the country, the Pakistan Index has included him as the third most daring and dangerous spy in the world.

We know that it takes a lot of courage to go undercover in India and convince them that you are one of them. Major Adnan Sami has put his life on stake just to deliver us encrypted messages, direct from India.

Pakistanis are really proud that Major Adnan Sami ranked among the best in his job.

The nation is congratulating him for his accomplished mission!


Pakistan’s hero!

People are even speculating on the strategy that might have helped Major Adnan Sami getting ranked as high as he did.

And Of Course!! Some are even concerned for his safety:

Being recognized as the world’s best spies is obviously no child’s play. It definitely takes a lot of struggle and Oscar-winning acting. The nation is extremely proud of how lucky they are to have a patriotic soul like Major Adnan Sami.

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Major Adnan Sami has been our best spy, undoubtedly. From the events of Feb 27, 2019, to Oct 2019, successfully crashing Indian jets and helicopters, it was indeed something courageous.


Let’s hope that he keeps on making us proud of all the good work he is doing for Pakistan.


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