Here is how you can book Pakistan’s first composite dome resort

  • The government of KPK has taken another impressive step to uplift the tourism sector, introduced (composite dome)  camping pods in Nathia Gali.
  • Camping Pods have high thermal insulation and are ideal for extreme weather; tourists can visit during the winter season and enjoy the snowfall in a warm and cozy accommodation.
  • It is believed that the changing geostrategic situation, improvement of internal as well as regional peace and the liberalization of tourists’ visa policy will be helpful in growing Pakistan’s tourism industry.

The Galiyat Development Authorities (GDA) has launched Pakistan’s first structured dome resort in Nathia Gali.

Camping Pods in Nathiagali

Camping Pods in Nathiagali

The resort is Pakistan’s first tourist spot laced with the camping pods. These camping pods are constructed with lightweight and thermally insulated fiberglass composite material. These are suitable for camping even in the freezing temperatures of Nathia Gali.

These camping pods will attract tourists in the snowfall season when tourism in Nathia Gali dips owing to the unbearable low temperature.

Camping Pods are laced with all facilities and offer a serene environment with breathtaking scenery all around. The pods are ideal for extreme weather and one can enjoy winter’s paradise Nathia Gali without having to worry about the cold.

The Booking:

The warm and cozy accommodation is ideal for friends and families visiting the Galiyat region from across the country and abroad. Tourists can book the beautiful camping pods online and on-call: 0309-8880913
For online booking:

Think Tourism - Think Pakistan

Think Tourism – Think Pakistan

KPK Government introduced these measures to thrive in tourism in these areas throughout the year.

It is decided that the government of KPK will serve as the tourism hub of Pakistan and up-gradation of tourist spots is under progress.

The Provincial Minister for Tourism, Archaeology, Museums and Youth Affairs Muhammad Atif Khan is actively introducing multi-dimensional projects to attract local and foreign tourists targeting the improvement in service delivery, the maintenance of recreation spots and accommodation facilities.

dome resort Nathiagali

dome resort Nathiagali

Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that the mesmerizing tourist attractions in upper North have the potential to earn huge sums of foreign earnings for the country.

Moreover, harnessing the tourism industry in Pakistan will help the government address the issue of unemployment and diversify its economy.

A mobile application was also launched to facilitate the tourists visiting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The government of KP also launched three tourist buses to facilitate the foreign and local visitors to reach various tourist attraction spots.



Not only this, the provincial government has opened its four rest houses in Nathia Gali including the Governor House and Chief Minister House, to the general public for bookings and accommodation.

Govt to Revive Tourism:

The government of Pakistan is planning to revive the tourism sector in the country. The government is considering easing visa restrictions for visitors from 55 countries. The travel advisories of Pakistan are changing because Portugal has already declared Pakistan safe for travel.

Camping pods established by the KP Govt.

Camping pods established by the KP Govt.

Pakistan’s profile is going up fast with various tourism and media organizations, and travelers are figuring it among the world’s top tourist destinations.

KP’s Minister of tourism Atif Khan explores the Kumrat Valley:

Earlier, Forbes enlisted Pakistan among the 10 coolest places to go in 2019. In addition to this, the global media company, British Backpacker Society, solo travelers, and bloggers also believe that Pakistan is becoming a tourism hub.

Other factors attracting the tourists are the hospitable nature of Pakistan’s society, architectural, cultural and archaeological allures and mouth-watering food.

Govt’s Tourism Policy:

Pakistan is a melting pot of culture, cuisine, and people. Its majestic scenery, friendly people, and fast-improving tourism infrastructure offer some of the best tourism opportunities of the world. Prime Minister Imran Khan rightfully asserts that Pakistan could become one of the top tourist destinations of the world.

In its election manifesto, the incumbent government had put forward an ambitious agenda to promote and position Pakistan as Asia’s Best Kept Secret in the global tourism market.

The government promised to promote religious tourism, the historic Sufi sites across Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan, and to develop 20 new tourist destinations during its 5-year tenure.

The promotion of the tourism industry was placed as one of the government’s top priorities because tourism has a huge role to play in creating jobs.

The government also vowed to incentivize private sector investments in eco-tourism, open government guest houses, and other government buildings to the public.

This indicates the seriousness of the government to revive tourism in Pakistan as it was once a prominent tourist destination. During the past year, the government worked systematically on building a framework for the tourism sector, along with supportive partners and launched some initial schemes.

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