More Celebs come forward in support of Mohsin Abbas’s Wife

  • This has been more like an exposing week for celebrities and here comes another addition to Mohsin Abbas Haider’s case.
  • Celebrities have supported Mohsin’s wife after she accused Mohsin of abusing her and some also came as an eyewitness to her abuse.
  • Jami Moor says celebrities standing for Mohsin’s wife remained silent for a long and are part of this big drama.
  • He criticized them in his Facebook post and questioned why celebrities waited even when they knew that Mohsin was beating his wife.


Many celebrities have supported Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife Fatima Sohail after she accused Mohsin of abusing her.


Fatima spoke about how she was cheated on and physically assaulted. She said that she tolerated it all in the hope that he will change, but all in vain. The news quickly captured attention on social media and many celebrities called for justice.

The celebrities took to social media to condemn Mohsin and appreciated his wife for her bravery in coming out and speaking about the abuse. Some of them even claimed they were witnesses to the abuse.

Mohsin, after facing domestic violence allegations from his wife said that he wishes there were NGO’s in Pakistan that would cater to men’s rights and complained that NGOs only focus on women’s rights.

He continued to stand by his original claim against his wife that it is a pre-planned scene and is an injustice for those women who are actual victims of domestic abuse.

Mohsin Abbas’s presser conference:

He held almost an hour-long presser in which he denied all of the accusations from his wife and termed them as propaganda. While saying everything in his defense, Mohsin Abbas Haider kept his hand on the Holy Quran to prove his innocence. He opens up by saying that I’m stating everything while my hand is on the Holy Quran and I can’t even imagine physically assaulting a woman.

Despite Knowing That Mohsin Assaults His Wife, Celebrities Remained Silent for a Long Time!

Right after Mohsin Abbas Haider came under fire following accusations of his wife, celebrities have come forward, supporting Fatima Sohail and exposing his violent tendencies.

Many celebrities came out as witnesses to Fatima’s abuse and now, Jami is calling them ‘Waiting for the right time to support.’

Jami Moor, the film director criticized all those who are supporting Fatima Sohail. He was of the view that these celebrities waited for the right time to join the easiest bandwagon even when they knew that Mohsinwas beating her up.

In his Facebook post, he attacked all those who are standing up for Fatima Sohail and said they’ve waited for the right time to support her. He said that all of them are part of this big drama and did this to act like activists.

The question here is that why these celebrities didn’t come before even when they knew that Mohsin was beating her wife.

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