The first 1000-bed Coronavirus Hospital Opens Up in China

  • The workers and volunteers spent 48 hours to turn an empty medical facility into a functioning hospital.
  • Another hospital is being built from scratch and it is likely to be completed in the next week.
  • There are more than 6000 confirmed cases of coronavirus globally.

Video: The first Corononavirus hospital is now up and running:

China is known for its fast construction and they didn’t disappoint in this case. They have made a completely functioning hospital in 48 hours only. Not only that, but they’re building a new hospital right from scratch and it will be opened next week.

The medical facility to treat Coronavirus in China

The medical facility to treat Coronavirus in China

China’s first hospital to treat Coronavirus patients has been opened in a city near Wuhan. It was made functional just in 48 hours as everyone from society turned up for help. The provinces/cities affected by the virus were completely locked. No movement of vehicles, trains or airlines was allowed.

Another hospital right from scratch:

Here are the video and imagery of the construction progress of the hospital under construction (4 days progress)



Hospital under construction for Corona virus

Hospital under construction for Coronavirus

China building a hospital in 10 days

China to build a hospital in 10 days amid Coronavirus

The number of Coronavirus cases globally:

There are now 6000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus globally. The sixth case in Australia was reported today and Germany has also confirmed a woman affected by the virus. United Arab Emirates (UAE) has also witnessed the first case recently.


Chinese medical staff treating a patient of Coronavirusin Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan, the city at the center of the outbreak.

The pilots had to be extra careful:

Pilot wearing mask amid Coronavirus in China.

A pilot wearing mask amid Coronavirus in China.


The list of countries affected by the Coronavirus:

Counties affected by Coronavirus

A map of the countries affected by the coronavirus

Khabees Moral of the story:

Yea there are hard times on nations and Chinese are setting the bar high on tackling a crisis. Building a hospital in 48 hours and then the construction of a hospital right from scratch in 10 days only, that tells a lot about the seriousness of tackling the problem.


Source: Daily Mail 




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