Female SHO from Pakpattan solves 200 cases of poor oppressed women

  • The first female SHO from Pakpattan District has solved 200 cases of oppression on women in just two months.
  • She was appointed two months ago and in a very small period of time, she manifested remarkable performance.
  • The appointment of female officers in Police is helping in the provision of justice to people.

The first female Station House Officer (SHO) from the Pakpattan district has solved 200 rape cases in just two months.

SHO Kulsoom Fatima was appointed two months ago and in this small period and she manifested remarkable performance.

During an interview with British Broadcasting Channel (BBC), she said that the incidents of sexual abuse of minor girls made her angry, but she was not able to do anything at that time.

She said that she wants to do something for little girls and hoped to be in a position one day so she would be able to do something for such girls.

“I got the opportunity. I was appointed as a sub-inspector in Punjab Police after passing the competitive exams.”

SHO Fatima said that she was assigned the same task she had always wanted to do. She was handed over the cases that were related to women and minor girls.

District Police Officer (DPO) Pakpattan had appointed Fatima as SHO at Model Police Station Daloryam. He said that the appointment of female officers in Police will help in dispensing justice to people and that female officer is better suited to investigate crimes.

When she was appointed, she expressed her determination to fulfill the duties that have been assigned to her. She had said that her appointment is evidence to the contrary.

The locals were apprehensive about the appointment stating that a female SHO cannot deal with crime and the responsibilities. But after this victory, they are having high hopes and expectations from Fatima.


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