Are the girls as guilty as Imam Ul Haq? A Khabees take on the matter.

  • Another week, another controversy from a Pakistani celebrity, and this time it is Imaam Ul Haq.
  • He has been accused of having a relationship with 7-8 girls at the same time.
  • But here is a Khabees take on the matter, was it only because of Imam Ul Haq or what?

Imam Ul Haq was having a relationship with 7-8 girls at the same time and all of them have exposed him at once.

The screenshots come out today as Imaam Ul Haq is accused of playing multiple girls at the same time, here are the screenshots:

Imam Ul Haq
Imam Ul Haq Chats leaked
Imam Ul Haq
Imam Ul Haq leaked chat

The Khabees take:

-The consent

So, all of these girls were having a relationship with Imam Ul Haq with their consent. Everything was going okay until they got to know that he is having an affair with other girls too. It was all okay for them when they didn’t know about his other relationships. But as soon as they get to know they he’s cheating on all of them, they all decided to come up with a plan of exposing him.

Who’s right and who’s wrong?

Well, everyone has their own perspective about it but according to Khabees point of view, having a physical relationship before marriage is wrong anyways. But “Khair” … Even if he was supposed to have a relationship or wanted to be a fu**boi, do you really think having the same kind of relationship with SEVEN girls at the same time is somehow OKAY?

Of course, it is not but since we’re talking about ethics… 

The girls should also have kept it unpublic because it was okay for them to have that “fun” until they didn’t about other girls. As soon as they got to know about others, they suddenly became all ethical and started to lecture him on “ethics”.

So the Khabees conclusion is:

“None of them is right, all of them are guilty because Iss Hamaam Mein Sab Nangay Hain”

Here is how Twitter has been reacting to it:



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