Goswami goes mad once again, talks to himself and even Indians are ‘meme-ing’

  • Arnab Goswami is well known for his shouting while interviewing people on his show.
  • He goes crazy once again and keeps talking to himself and that was all going live.
  • And this is one of the rarest occasions when even Indians are making fun of their news anchor.

Goswami is famous for his shouting & rage and here he goes again:


The matter of Zaira Waseem leaving Bollywood was being discussed where things get out of hand. Goswami starts shouting in his typical style.

Shouting at the point of lynching:

When the point of Muslim-lynching was discussed in the show, he started defending it by naming the incidents where it happened with non-muslims. The interesting point is that no one was actually listening to him and he kept on shouting.

The typical Goswami:

Well, this is not the first time he did it. He’s well known for shouting in live shows where he asks a question and starts answering it at the same time. He doesn’t only question but tries to get the answer according to his own extreme perceptions.

Mr “Know Everything”

Yes, He is Mr. “Know Everything” and no one can win an argument against him. He will keep speaking, in fact shouting at any given top and others on the show are like “Why are we even sitting here”.

And this is exactly where has happened in the video above where it looks like he’s just talking to himself (just in a louder way).

Here is how the Indian fans are reacting to it:



And some of them are not coming slow: 


 Some have termed it as “He just exposed himself”


“One Man Show”, the right term for him because he’s the only one speaking and shouting in this whole time:


And here is the full video, just in case you want to ‘enjoy’ a bit more.


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