Govt has finally decided to put a ban on dangerous beauty creams

  • According to BBC, skin whitening creams include poisonous chemicals that can cause organ failure and cancer.
  • Rather than abandoning the sick narrative of white skin, our society is driving the urge to use unsafe skincare products and demotivating dark-skinned people.
  • Soon, skin-whitening creams causing skin diseases are going to be banned in Pakistan action against manufacturers will be taken.
  • Golden pearl beauty queen, Faiza Beauty cream and the oh-so-popular Stillman’s Cream are included in the list.
Ban on Skin-Whitening Creams– Here is why.

Ban on Skin-Whitening Creams– Here is why.

It has been announced by the Ministry of Climate Change Pakistan has announced to take action against whitening creams.

These whitening creams contain more than one percent of mercury and some can also cause cancer.

Many people have been talking about how fairness creams are a form of racism. They make us feel that we need to be white and that only fair-skinned people can be successful. Apart from this, these creams target women by setting impossible and unfair standards of beauty.

The ministry checked 59 samples and found more than 1% mercury in 56 of them. People across the world think that skin whitening creams are better for their skin and they are relying on these creams.

But, these people are unaware that skin creams are actually causing various skin diseases and can even lead to skin cancer.

People in Pakistan are obsessed with having white skin. These days, people think if you do not have white skin, you are not beautiful. This narrative has led many people to use cancer-causing skin whitening products.

Many creams in Pakistan are much more dangerous than the other parts of the world as they contain steroids let alone mercury. Such creams are proven to provide good results but many faced bitter outcomes after using them.

The Minister of State for Climate Change decided to take action against all such companies that are playing with the future generations of Pakistan. Minister has also promised to seal the companies making critical beauty and whitening creams after December 31, 2019.

While pointing at whitening cream makers, Minister said: “You play with our skins through these creams you sell for 10 rupees.”

So far, 15 shops have been caught by the London Trading Standard for selling whitening creams. These were fined on average 11,000 pounds each. This is surely a criminal activity as its poisoning someone for profit.

As per the recent revelations by the BBC, these skin whitening creams not only affect psychologically but can also cause great damage to our health.


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