Ban on HID lights to be implemented nationwide after they’re banned in Islamabad.

  • In a bid to reduce the number of road accidents, Islamabad Traffic Police has decided to ban the use of HID lights in vehicles.
  • The Govt is planning to roll this out in other cities gradually.
  • High-Intensity Discharge lamps illuminate at an extremely high intensity of light that causes visibility issues for the traffic coming from the opposite direction.
  • The notification stated that HID lights are a menace which causes problems for incoming traffic and have led to fatal accidents.

The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has introduced new traffic rules to bring the standards closer to the international level.

The District Magistrate Islamabad, Hamza Shafqat, has imposed a section 144 ban on the installation, sale, and purchase of High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights in vehicles.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are a reason for trouble and discomfort for traffic coming from the opposite direction.

It’s a type of electrical gas-discharge lamps which produces light using an electric arc. Installed in the headlights of the vehicle, HID lights are largely becoming a major cause of accidents on the roads.

The District Magistrate Islamabad has banned selling, purchasing and use of High-Intensity Discharge in vehicles within Islamabad for two months.

At times the HID lights can cause short-circuiting which leads to the vehicle catching fire. Similar incidents have taken place a couple of years ago and the mystery could not be solved until the manufacturers discovered that the actual issue was the custom installation of HID lights.

As per the notification issued by the District Magistrate, the HID is a reason for trouble and discomfort for traffic coming from the opposite direction.

The ban to be rolled out nationwide:

After putting a ban on these intensive lights in Islamabad, the Govt is planning to implement it nationwide.

Due to its intensity, HID lights can cause vision difficulties and result in dangerous accidents. Some of these lights are also of substandard quality and can lead to short-circuiting, which can cause a fire in a vehicle.

The concerned authorities are directed to implement the order with immediate effect. According to the notification, the order shall remain in force for a period of 2 months.

On the other hand, even after the expiry of this order, the punishment for the violators of this particular order would remain the same and strict legal action will be taken against them. The District Magistrate emphasized on creating awareness of this notice through different channels.

Here is what the District Magistrate stated:

It brought to the notice of District Magistrate that HID lights are installed in headlamps of commuting vehicles. These lights cause trouble for the traffic coming from the opposite direction and are the reason for many fatal accidents. Furthermore, most High-Intensity Discharge lights are cheap quality and are often responsible for a short circuit which often causes the eruption of fire in the vehicle.”

The Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Traffic Police tweeted confirmation of this step:


HID lights tend to produce more glares as compared to the standard headlights. It has a blue light effect that gets scattered by the water droplets in foggy weather conditions and reflects-back to the driver. As a result, the vision of the driver gets blur and could cause an accident.

The oncoming traffic may experience serious visibility issues due to the high-intensity light. Being a responsible citizen, we should realize that its use is a threat to human life.

We should obey the laws which are made for our safety and cooperate with the law enforcement authorities.

Let’s hope that this ban will prove to be quite helpful in minimizing accidents of such nature and is strictly implemented in the federal capital.


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