Bhagts are Flooding TikTok with ‘They Are Going to Marry Kashmiri Girls’

  • Bhagts have flooded social media with posts expressing jubilation about the constitutional change and said that this would make it easier for them to marry Kashmiri women.
  • TikTok is full of desperate Bhagts asserting victory by claiming that they could now get Kashmiri girls.
  • There have been so many articles on the internet extolling the virtues of Kashmiri women and emphasizing their fair skin.
  • In India, the top searches on Google in the last few days were ‘Kashmiri women’, ‘how to marry Kashmiri women’ and ‘Kashmir girl pic’. 

TikTok has taken off in India but the latest crop of uploads are not cute lip-synchs or teenagers taking on silly challenges.

The social video app TikTok has seen a flurry of clips in which men announce they are going to marry Kashmiri girls presumably whether they like it or not.

The videos were linked to the crisis in the contested state of Jammu and Kashmir. The social media has been buzzing about Article 370 and Google searches for terms like ‘Kashmir girl’, ‘Kashmiri girl’ and ‘Kashmiri girl pic’ have spiked.

On August 5, President of India revoked Article 370 of the country’s constitution, which had been in effect since 1950 and which granted Kashmir special status.

After this, there was no media/communication coming out of or going into Kashmir.  It is not that Article 370 banned Hindus from marrying Kashmiris, predominantly Muslim.

But, it did make it impossible for the children of such marriages to inherit the land which is an effort to preserve Kashmiri autonomy in the region. Anyone can own land there without Article 370.

That is where the search term ‘Kashmiri girls’ comes in. It started on July 28 when tensions began brewing between the Indian and Kashmiri governments.

Why the Hindu nationalists are using this term?

The Bhagts are using the term because the law doesn’t inhibit Indians from owning land in the region. It would be possible for men to marry Kashmiri girls even against their will and become landowners.

Declarations of intent to marry Kashmiri girls to reclaim the disputed region are popping up across a variety of social platforms.


It started from Facebook, then Twitter and now to the fast-growing TikTok. Through their videos, Indians showed they are planning to go to Kashmir to get married because they are not getting women in Delhi.


An Indian State Minister said that single Muslim activists should be happy as they can now get married to ‘Gori Kashmiri Girls’.

This is because India has long dealt with discrimination based on skin tone, with lighter skin being valued above darker skin.

Earlier in April, TikTok was banned in India after a court ruled it contained pornographic content.  In July, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, India, had ordered TikTok to respond to concerns that the app was considered anti-Indian and to share user data with India’s other neighboring enemy, China.

Now, TikTok is being used to push Bhagt agendas. Users love the app as it has an easy interface, short-video capabilities, and a platform on which all ideas can spread like wildfire.

Many Indian men have celebrated the idea of getting a Kashmiri woman, such posts and searches represent a shameless display of Bhagts towards Kashmiri women.


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