People’s reaction on the recent statement from Hocane Sisters about food intake.

  • Mental illness or depression is misunderstood by so many of us. Most people just assume what causes depression in people and most of the time they are wrong about it and this time, it’s none other than Hocane sisters.
  • Urwa and Mawra think that main reason for depression and mental illnesses is food. One wonders if they confused obesity with depression.
  • Such statements show how little celebrities are informed about mental illnesses. We hope for improvement in the future by Hocane sisters.

Another day, another ill-informed statement passed. When will our celebrities stop making such statements about mental health?

Here is how it started:

It started with a morning show. Recently, the Hocane sisters, Urwa and Mawra appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show to promote their clothing brand; UXM.

The gossip was going well until host Nida Yasir, started talking about mental health and depression. The sisters shared how one’s mental health is affected by what food they are putting inside their system.

It is clear from a clip that is now making rounds on social media that hocane sisters think depression is solely caused by diet.

Urwa went on to make an ignorant statement:

“There are so many problems these days. We hear someone say that they have got depression or mental disease and it’s all because of food. There is no other reason.”

“It is what you put in your body,” added Mawra.



They blamed a person’s diet for any kind of mental instability and dismissed the idea that other external or internal factors may possibly play a part.


Finally, the cure for depression has been found, Kudos to Urwa and Mawra!


Meanwhile psychologists and people studying psychology as their major:



Seems they confused obesity with depression!


Depression is a complex issue:

Such ignorant statements are disrespectful and show how little they are informed about mental illnesses. These celebrities think their inaccurate opinions can be presented to thousands of people without any repercussions delegitimizes those who suffer daily.

These are serious illnesses that need to be taken seriously, we hope for improvement in the future by Urwa and Mawra.

Depression is a complex disease that occurs due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Chemical imbalance is caused by a number of variables working together. Some variables causing depression are faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and medical problems, etc.

‘Don’t Explain. People only hear what they want to hear’ – Mawra Hocane on her Instagram Account!

After this, Mawra Hocane has taken to her Instagram account to defend the statement through a Google screenshot which reads: If you eat lots of processed meat, refined cereals, fried food, pastries, fried food, and high fats products, you are more likely to be anxious and depressed.

She completely missed the point and even the screenshot doesn’t state that food is the only reason for depression. We hope our celebrities learn to admit their mistakes and recognize their own influence and privilege and make amends!


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