Here are some of the finest tweets from #IndiaVsPakistan

  • Pakistan and India, once again had a match of Cricket Worldcup today.
  • Pakistan won the toss and chose to bowl first, and then you know what happened.
  • Let’s take a look some of the finest memes about the match

Of course! I will start from my own Khabees Tweets


Done with Khabasat – Take a look at more of these:

This one is obviously from an Indian.


Some serious advice from Baaji


And here comes the Champions Trophy 2017:


Pakistani Batsmen on Pitch:


Reasons for this disaster:

  • Pakistani cricket board lacks a system because … the cricket board was run by a journalist. What a joke
  • Team Green is so damn easy to bring under pressure – They can’t stand a normal team with this kind of situation and then.. this was a battle of India Vs Pakistan.
  • And the greatest blunder of Worldcup history, when everyone was telling Sar-Phira-z to bat first if he wins the toss, but he didn’t listen to anyone. Not even Imran Khan.



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