Study Reveals that Indian brains on average are smaller – Twitter reactions

  • A recent study has revealed that Indian brains on average are smaller.
  • They’re smaller in height, width, and volume when compared to the other eastern countries or east.
  • It was recently reported by Times of India.

International Institute of IT created the first Indian Brain Atlas and the size of the Indian Brain was revealed. 

The study has been conducted on various Indian Brains.  It has been revealed that the brain of an average Indian is smaller. Not only the size of the brain but they also get into the deceases like Alzheimer’s too early.

This is what a researcher has to say:

“As Indian brains are smaller in size when compared to MNI, the difference in scans can look alarming and lead to misdiagnosis”

She also added that the samples were taken from some 50 Indians for this research.

What might be the reasons:

The researcher hasn’t shown any specific reasons for it. But the following factors can be the reasons:

  • Lack of food and stunted growth.
  • Poverty in the country.
  • Basic hygenic environment might not be available.

This is how the people have reacted to the news:


 They Knew it

 Well, here come the Bhakhts:

 Talking about the hatred:

 The reason why Modi is having a huge fan base:

 Well.. well..well

 Kinda makes sense?

 Yea the brain is not small but the thinking is:

 No wonder why is that so:

 Small men occupying big offices:

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