Another Abhinandan Lands in Pakistan after a ‘slip of bum’

  • The Indian Soldier slipped on the snow and ended up in Pakistan
  • Indian Govt has already asked for the safe return of the soldier.
  • The rescue operations are underway to rescue their guy.
Indian Solider Slips into Pakistan

Indian Solider Slips into Pakistan

Slip of tongue is not the only slip that ends up in the wrong place – Abhinandan

Of course, it’s not an easy job to be posted on the border patrolling teams. That too when you’re an Indian soldier 😂. He was on the higher end of the border during his patrol and couldn’t control himself as he lands in Pakistan.

A brief history of the soldier:

The soldier is named Negi and is a resident of Ambiwala Sainik Colony in Dehradun. He joined the 11 Garhwal Rifles regiment in 2002 and he was posted to the snowy area of Gulmarg in November.

According to Khaleej Times, the officials from the Indian side have already started trying to reach out to Pakistan. Several contacts have been made in order to rescue the solder as soon as possible.

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The word from the Indian Army:

According to the Indian authorities, “All attempts are being made to get Negi back to India”. They have assured the family for a safe return of the soldier.

Pakistani Authorities on the other side have not commented on the matter or issued any statement yet.

This is how Twitter has reacted :

Serve him a chai like Abhinandan:


 And here is a suggestion for the PM:


Source: Khaleej Times

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