I want a Talaaq because he doesn’t take a bath – Indian Woman

  • A 20-years old woman in India wants a divorce for a reason not so common
  • She has filed a bizarre application saying that her husband doesn’t take care of his hygienic condition.
  • The woman belongs to Bihar’s Vaishali district
Indian Woman Seeks Divorce over her husband's hygiene.

Indian Woman Seeks Divorce over her husband’s hygiene.

My husband doesn’t take a bath, doesn’t shave or brush his teeth – Claims the 20-years old

Although her application was not accepted instantly but he was given an ultimatum. The State Women’s Commission has warned Manish Ram (the husband) and granted him a time of 2 months. The time has been granted with a warning and asking him to maintain his hygienic condition.


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This is what the girl said:

“I want a divorce because it’s hard to live with him when he doesn’t take care of his hygiene”. She got married to Manish Ram in 2017, who is a plumber by profession.

My husband stinks as he does not shave and bathe for nearly 10 days at a stretch. Moreover, he doesn’t brush his teeth. He also doesn’t have manners and follow etiquette

Says the girl.

She continued complaining about her husband by saying this:

I don’t want to live with my husband anymore. I can no longer bear the humiliation. Kindly get me rid of this man … he has ruined my life

And here is what the husband has stated:

The husband was not in favor of divorce by saying this:

I don’t want to the divorce to happen and I will try my best to improve my lifestyle and win my wife’s confidence


More from the girl:

She wanted her husband to return the jewelry and stuff her father gave to her husband as a dowry. Although the authorities are not proceeding towards the divorce and wanted to give the man another chance.

Khabees Moral of the story:

Don’t forget to take a shower if it’s a lot of Thand 😁🤣


Source: Times of India 


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