Jeremy Continues to Grow His Dukaan in Pakistan as he takes Urdu classes on camera

  • Jeremy McLellan’s love for Pakistan is quite obvious and many of his fans/followers believe that he is a true Pakistani at heart. 
  • Whether it’s making Gol Rotis, visiting Pakistan or playing cricket on the streets of Pakistan, Jeremy has done it all and now, he is busy in learning Urdu.
  • Jeremy has made his career about Pakistan for a while now and now he’s properly taking the Urdu Classes. 

Jeremy McLellan, an American stand-up comedian, had the adventure of a lifetime during his recent trip to Pakistan.

Not only he lived out his wildest dreams of tucking into the spiciest food on the planet but also took away unforgettable memories of the place with him.

Some time ago, the most Pakistani Gora on this planet came to Pakistan. Since then, Jeremy has become the most talked foreign personality in the country. During his visit to Pakistan, he posted the pictures that clearly showed that he is a true Pakistani at heart.



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Jeremy McLellan and His Urdu Classes:

Jeremy McLellan loved everything of the country and now, he is all set to learn the Urdu language. He posted a video in which he and his adorable little daughter Jewell can be seen learning the Urdu language by an internet translator.

If you take a look at his Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, he’s always talking about the affairs of Pakistan and joking around them. It has established the fact that he’s pursuing his career as a comedian in Pakistan, which is why he is now taking the Urdu lessons.

As they say.. “Learn the language when you want to do business abroad” 

‘Morning Urdu Classes with Jeremy and Jewel’


He was encoding the most important desi ‘CHAI RITUAL’ from English to Urdu so that he can enjoy his next Pakistan visit to the fullest.

He took to his Twitter account and wrote that he already knows a few Urdu words but not fully learned the language and now he is taking Urdu classes.

Calling out his Pakistani fans and followers, Jeremy said that he will keep posting videos on his take on the Urdu language and asked to advise him on them, or even make fun of him.

This is how Pakistanis are Helping Jeremy in Learning Urdu:

Pakistanis were thrilled to see his post and yeah, they helped him and even compared his Urdu with other famous Pakistani names.

Pakistanis are proud of Jeremy for showing too much love and respect for Pakistan!

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Kiun Kay Ye Chai Ka Mamla Hai!


Jo Baat Hai!


Jeremy McLellan visited Pakistan in July and not only visited historical buildings, but also enjoyed scrumptious food.



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Wonderful time visiting the Bari Imam Shrine 🇵🇰

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‘A Legit Desi’



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