Memes; The ultimate mass destruction weapon of Pakistanis – Proof Here

Memes have always been a good weapon of Pakistanis to deal with any “situation”.

The Indian Airforce’s jets touched the Pakistani space this morning and Indians can’t stop describing it as a Bollywood movie.

Their foreign office didn’t even know about it at first. They started reporting about the incident AFTER Pakistan’s DG ISPR tweeted about it.

There have been many claims by Indians like

“We have killed 300 terrorists in Pakistan”

“We have avenged the deaths of Pulawama Attack” 

“Indian fighter jets were there in Pakistan’s territory for 25 kilometers in”

But Pakistanis are responding to all of this with memes. Yes!! Memes! the ultimate weapon mass destruction

Let’s have a look at a bunch of them:

First things first, Team Khabees will show their own Khabasat first:

Welcoming them like:


Busting the surgical strike:


This is how much informed they were about the matter:


Summing up Pakistani reaction:


 Proof? What does that have to do with Indians?


Just a random response to a Bollywood failure:


Triggered them all with just one reply on Salman Khan’s tweet:


Pakistan’s first line of defense:


“Ghar Jana Hai”


When their army sees the trees:


And.. Here we have the practical memes:


Because trees are sensitive:


Expectations Vs Reality:


Surgical Strike without item song? NO


Because everyone is upset about the loss of previous trees:


When whole Pakistan is trolling India, how can the official account of PTI stay silent?


 Indian army taking our “Men” away:


That was just a sneak peek of what is going on right now. This is how we’re throwing memes in return of rage, frustration, and hatred.

Well Done Pakistanio!

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You can suggest further memes in the comments.


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