“Are you done venting”-That’s not an attitude of a UN Ambassador – Muniba Mazari to Priyanka

  • Priyanka Chopra came under fire for scoffing at a Pakistani-American woman’s challenging question at the BeautyCon summit in Los Angeles.
  • So many Pakistani actors have raised their voices against narrow-mindedness shown by Priyanka Chopra.
  • Muniba Mazari has stated that those who work for peace should always focus on humanitarianism.

Indian Actress Priyanka Chopra has been accused of encouraging nuclear war over comments she made amid worsening tensions between Pakistan and India.

The goodwill ambassador for UN Women Pakistan, Muniba Mazari has expressed her disappointment on the way Priyanka Chopra has responded to the Kashmir conflict.

Earlier in February, Priyanka tweeted:

“Jai Hind #IndianArmedForces”

Priyanka Chopra was called out at the BeautyCon summit in Los Angeles for her hypocrisy on the issue. When Priyanka was asked to explain her tweet in which she had supported war with Pakistan by a woman in the audience, her reply to the question was insulting.

When Muniba Mazari was asked about Priyanka’s response, she said:

“Extremely arrogant, rude and irresponsible behavior coming from a goodwill ambassador”

Full video of her talk:

“You are always responsible for the words you use,” she added.

She said that a person’s body language says a lot. She said that Priyanka needs to redefine the term ‘Patriotism’.

Priyanka isn’t Sensible, Muniba said:

She said that Priyanka Chopra is not sensible and has shown extremely rude behavior. If she was sensible, she wouldn’t have done this and would have let the girl speak.

“Being an Ambassador of peace, she was embarrassing herself and her country,” Muniba said.

She said that when you are an ambassador of goodwill, you are monitored by so many people. One isn’t allowed to attack humans in the name of patriotism.

Those who work for peace cannot talk about the war. They are responsible for each word they say. Muniba said that Priyanka has boycotted social media these days but isn’t apologizing in front of people.

Muniba Mazari said:

“You cannot justify cruelty, war is not the solution.”

She said that there is a need to end the middle ground in which you say ‘Go and do the Nuclear War.’ There is extremism in India. There is no religion in the world that allows its people to kill humans.

Further, she said:

“Whenever you justify cruelty in the name of patriotism, it gets worse.”

Muniba said that there is a need to change behaviors. There is a lack of self-analysis in people. We should think about ourselves as a nation as well as the level of humanity we have, that’s where accountability comes, self-analysis comes.


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