Proof People Born Between 85′ and 95′ are the Most Unique Generation

  • All those born 1985 and 1995 are the most unique generation as they saw the transition from analog to digital.
  • They have a perspective on both sides of the biggest technological shift in culture humanity has ever seen.
  • They feel older than they are because they have experienced a lot of change in a relatively short period of time and that’s the pros and cons of being a middle child.

People born between 1985 and 1995 are the most unique generation of all time. Here is why.

Number 1:

They are in-between two generations: the one before the internet and technology took over and the generation after. Thus, they have both types of experiences.

Number 2:

The generation before us was old school in working hard. The generation after us believes in working smart, but this generation can work both ways.

Number 3:

We saw it all: Radio, Television, Mario, Waptrick, Nokia, Nintendo 64, Samsung, iPhone, PS4, Tape, CD, DVD, MIXit, MIG32, Netflix, Snapchat, emojis, Virtual reality.

Number 4:

The generation before us can be scammed with simple emails asking for money and offering love. The generation after us knows it is better to have 5-6 emails: one for serious stuff, social media, financial transactions and one for experiments for things you don’t trust.

Number 5:

We are the generation that knows the tradition and questions it picking from it what makes sense. The generation before us knew no questions. The generation after us knows no tradition. So? UNIQUE

Number 6:

We are the gap between the industrial age and the internet age. We understand both sides from experience. We should be running the world!

Number 7:

The old guys don’t understand what is going on anymore and the new guys don’t fully understand where what is going on came from but the generation of 1985-1995 knows everything.

Number 8:

This generation enjoyed the golden era of PTV and they are now enjoying Netflix and HBO as well.

Number 9:

Old guys have used the phone that had a dial ring and they are now ‘Pro’ at using smartphones as well.

Number 10:

The generation before us enjoyed all the classic and old school things and they are still young while having all of the latest technologies.


All of the points above make us the most unique generation to witness the greatest shift in technology ever made but having a classic experience as well.


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