Reham keeps acting like the jealous Ex-Girlfriend and gets trolled by Pakistanis


  • The ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan is once again trolled by Pakistani social media users for her remarks on PM’s UNGA speech.
  • Reham Khan is definitely a national embarrassment for Pakistan and she doesn’t have anything productive to do after her marriage with PM Imran Khan ended.
  • She has been acting like a jealous Ex-Girlfriend and the public is slamming her for such statements only to seek attention.

Since the deteriorating second marriage of Prime Minister Imran Khan got annulled back in 2015, time to time the masses witness the narcissistic attitude of Reham Khan trying to politically sabotage Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Reham Khan is again facing critical criticism after her pessimistic statements regarding PM Imran Khan’s UNGA speech, the nation is now completely aware of the honest intentions of their leader towards Pakistan.

Reham Khan’s video in which she is calling out PM Imran Khan on his UGNA speech and labeling him an ‘Incompetent Leader’ is surfacing on the internet.

Instead of appreciating Prime Minister Imran Khan on his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) like everyone else, Reham Khan again decided to humiliate her in front of the whole world.

In the video, Reham Khan can be seen targeting PM Imran Khan’s speech on his recent visit to the United Nations (UN) and called him a bad leader.

She also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan should stop talking about Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). She gave silly advice to the PM Imran Khan that he should completely refrain from opening his mouth on any stance.

She gets a Shut-Up Call by the Public!

Social media is full of criticizing comments for Reham Khan. It is not the first time that Reham has embarrassed herself on national digital platforms. Pakistanis took to the social media and showed the factual base Reham was lacking, intentionally.

Let’s take a look at some of the responses from the public:


Taking Reham’s negative impact under consideration, Pakistanis believe that she needs psychiatric consultancy and are hoping that she gets well soon.

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