Waqar Zaka Thinks Women are Destroying Men’s Career, Calls for #MardMarch

  • It seems that Waqar Zaka is tired of women who are playing with Men’s career and so he called for #MardMarch against such women.
  • He posted a video on Twitter and urged both cricketers who are under heat these days and asked them to take an action and report to the FIA.
  • To those who don’t know; Waqar Zaka has decided to change himself and wants to utilize his platform to spread positivity.
Waqar Zaka Thinks Women are Destroying Men’s Career, Called for #MardMarch
Waqar Zaka Thinks Women are Destroying Men’s Career, Called for #MardMarch

This time Waqar Zaka has called for #MardMarch against women who use #MeToo movement and play with careers of men through #WomenCard.

As this week was full of exposes, many celebrities were being accused of harassment and domestic violence.

A few days back, Mohsin Abbas Haider wished there was an NGO to protect men’s rights and that NGOs only talk about women’s rights and not men’s rights.

After Mohsin, here comes another one who isn’t asking for an NGO, but called #MardMarch against women who want to destroy Men’s career through their false intentions.

In the wake of leaking inappropriate pictures and private conversations, Waqar Zaka has called for #MardMarchin a bid to put an end to women playing with careers of men.

Earlier this week, Pakistani cricketer Imam-ul-Haq has been landed in trouble after a Twitter user accused him of having multiple affairs. The user leaked Imam’s private chats with several girls and alleged that he cheated on them.

According to Waqar Zaka, women are only playing the #MeToo movement to damage the careers of the men exposed and the only solution to stop these women is #MardMarch.

He took to Twitter to share a video message and urged both the cricketers to file an official complaint. He requested Imam and Shaheen to take action against such women and report them to the FIA as leaking consensual chats is a crime and nobody has a right to do so.

It is pertinent to mention here that Waqar Zaka had earlier supported Ali Zafar saying that he fully supports the singer against Meesha Shafi. He took to Twitter in favor of Ali Zafar and slammed Meesha not to destroy real harassment cases against women.

As we all know, Waqar Zaka used to spread negativity among youngsters but two months back, he had tweeted an apology admitting that he has destroyed young minds and that he wants everyone to forgive him.

Well, we don’t know the reason that why he has changed himself but according to him, he understood all his actions were negatively affecting the audience so he wants to utilize his platform to spread positivity.

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