Women Entrepreneurship program to be expanded by Facebook in Pakistan

  • Facebook will be partnering with Lahore Women’s Chamber of Commerce to work on expanding its women entrepreneurship program in Pakistan.
  • The program will provide women entrepreneurs with the tools and training they need to build up their businesses.
  • Pakistan has trained more than 130,000 women in digital skills across the Asia Pacific.
Facebook Expand #SheMeansBusiness Entrepreneurship Program in Pakistan

Facebook Expand #SheMeansBusiness Entrepreneurship Program in Pakistan

Facebook has announced the expansion of women entrepreneurship program ‘SheMeansBusiness’ in Pakistan in partnership with the Lahore Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

The program is aimed at providing women entrepreneurs with the tools, training, and resources that can help them secure funding and grow their businesses.

Launch of Program:

At the launch of women entrepreneurship program in Lahore, the Head of Community Affairs at Facebook Asia Pacific, Beth Ann Lim, said:

“Flexibility offered by digital technologies is enabling a new generation of women entrepreneurs around the world to make positive contributions to their families as well as communities.”


“Women face a number of obstacles such as a lack of funding and networks that can help them grow and scale. With the help of this entrepreneurship program, we want to nurture both current and future generations of Pakistani women business leaders and provide them access to a series of workshops and online learning tools.”

Facebook, World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), created the Future of Business Report.

According to that report, women business owners on Facebook in Pakistan still face significant funding challenges, with less than 1 in 5 stating that they currently have a bank loan or a line of credit.

However, Over 3 in 4 Pakistani women business owners on Facebook say that social media helps their business.

Importance of Women Entrepreneur Programs:

President of WCCI, Dr. FaaizaAmjad, said that online platforms such as Facebook have helped women entrepreneurs expand their businesses.

“When women are successful in business, it drives social growth too. Successful women entrepreneurs invest in their communities and in educating children. Through our partnership with #sheMeansBusiness, we will help equip Pakistan’s women entrepreneurs with the knowledge, connections, skills, and technology required to build and grow their businesses online,” she said.

A study by Clinton Global Initiative published on the United Nations Economic and Social Council site showed that when females work, they invest 90% of their income back into their families, as compared with men who invest 35% into their families.

Reports from World Bank, OECD, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, and International Finance Corporation showed that harnessing the economic potential of females can lead to the release of substantial socioeconomic gains potential.

#SheMeansBusiness entrepreneurship program is active in 21 countries around the world. Pakistan has trained more than 130,000 women in digital skills across the Asia Pacific, reached 130,000 online through the #SheMeansBusiness resource hub.


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